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About The Sunshine World Pro Team Philosophy

In a nutshell we are able to deliver much cheaper instructor training packages than everyone else on the market for the following reasons:

  1. We are owned and run entirely by professional, experienced, qualified ski and snowboard instructors and sports professionals so we can efficiently and cost effectively include training and experience for our clients within our own ski and snowboard Academy.
  2. We own our own luxury chalet in Zakopane, Poland’s winter capital meaning that we don’t need to factor rent into the costs of our courses (one of the main expenses of most other courses)
  3. Our “main” business is organising full service, all inclusive, professional ski and snowboard holidays (and activity holidays in the summer) so we don’t have to pay all the bills of running our company by marking up our instructor training courses to cover those costs.
  4. Poland is significantly cheaper all round than the alternatives in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, North America or New Zealand.
It’s worth noting that last year we had a 100% pass rate and we guarantee that you’ll pass your level one EAPSI (European Association of Professional Ski Instructors) and/ or CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance) exams if you take either our Silver or Gold packages with full attendance or we’ll refund the cost of your exams!

Sunshine World is owned and run entirely by professional, internationally qualified, ski and snowboard instructors and sports professionals. We feel both privileged and proud to have dedicated our time, energy, money and soul to the sports which we enjoy so passionately. We feel that through skiing we can find extra meaning in our lives and discover more about ourselves and our world through the exploration of these sports and the mountain.

Skiing itself truly challenges every aspect of our human character. It can instill fear, excitement, trepidation, PAIN (!), physical exhaustion and exposure to extreme weather conditions. By pushing bodies to the limit physically and our overcoming the fears and worries in our minds we can use the sport to help ourselves realise where our limits lie and often I find that with good, safe, coaching it’s very possible to surprise ourselves and realise that we are far stronger in every way than we may like to admit. All humans are imperfect but we are very capable of demonstrating undeniably great moments of strength and bravery in the face of our fears. In this way skiing is a wonderful metaphor for life.

There is no answer to how to find eternal happiness but we know that our skiing at the very least have brought countless happy moments and memories into our lives!. We believe in openness, friendliness, honesty and accessibility as well as striving at all times to do our very best in whatever we turn our efforts to.

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Photos of Sunshine World Chalet in Zakopane, Poland