Frequently Asked Questions about our Courses

Once all the questions are answered we can get to the end result – A happy ski group enjoying their time on the mountain! Please feel free to call friendly office team on: 0208 133 6735.

FAQs about our instructor training packages:

Q: How can you be so much cheaper than all the other courses I’ve found while browsing the net?

A: We are very proud to have pioneered a completely unique system whereby our training takes places in Zakopane, Poland rather than in one of the most expensive resorts in Europe before taking our official exams at the end of the course in Zakopane, Poland, Jasna, Slovakia and/ or in Andorra. This saves an enormous amount of money. As we own our own chalet in Zakopane also this lowers our cost base significantly too. As the majority of our business comes from organising professionally run ski and snowboarding holidays which are delivered by professional, English speaking, ski and snowboard Pros we already have the infrastructure in place for organising our instructor training courses which complement the entire set up in Zakopane most efficiently. We never stop thinking of ways to maximise value, service and our guests’ experience with us at Sunshine World and that is why we consider ourselves to be the best in the business right now. No one out there offers what we do for anywhere near the same price as us.

Q: What is the average age for people who take the aki instructor training courses with Sunshine World?

A: Our courses are very much aimed at 16-30 year olds. We focus on maximum fun, minimum nonsense and we ensure that we are professional on the slopes and as light hearted as possible at most other times. We definitely have a history of becoming really good friends between Pro Team and Academy members. Our Pro Team’s average age is also usually 18-30.

Q: We would like to be walking distance to the restaurants for the evening.

A: Our awesome chalet is within 7-15 minutes walking distance from the main attractions in Zakopane town centre.

Q: Can transport to the slopes be more than once in a day. How far is it to the slopes?

A: We have a standard departure and return time usually around 10am departure and around 4pm/ 4.30pm return. The slopes are between 5 – 45 minutes away. Most slopes are between 5-10 minutes’ drive with only Bialka Tatrzanska (a really nice all round ski area with a full range of ski runs of all difficulties which we often use) being between 30 to 45 minutes away depending on traffic.

Q: What is Zakopane like at night?

A: Zakopane is all kinds of awesome for Apres ski. There is everything available, from a nice meal in a quality restaurant followed by bowling, pool and even a virtual golf simulator in your own private bar at the Belvedere**** Resort and Spa, to a choice of over 50 bars and pubs and 9 nightclubs. All ages are welcome and the atmosphere is generally friendly and light hearted around town. The Sunshine World Pro Team and our Academy members are always up for a good night out or in and we really do focus on creating the most friendly, fun filled and welcoming environment for everyone!

FAQs about our Gold package:

Q: What is the pass rate for people who’ve trained on the Gold Package in the past?

A: We are very proud that so far 100% of our past Academy trainees on our Gold Package have passed their level 1 Ski Instructor’s exams at the end of their course.

Q: Is it better to buy rather than rent the equipment?

A: On our Gold full season package we actually include the equipment into your deal AND you will get to keep your ski boots, skis, bindings and poles at the end of your course! We will buy the equipment brand new at the beginning of your course.

Q: Are any meals included?

A: No meals are included but our chalet is only 7 minutes’ walk to the town centre and plenty of wonderful and highly affordable restaurants. You have full access to our fully equipped kitchen for your entire stay including designated cupboard and fridge space so you can easily cook your own meals too.

Q: Will the company provide any advice/help in getting a job somewhere as an instructor?

A: Yes certainly. We can not only potentially provide you with a job at Sunshine World in future seasons once you are qualified if you prove to have exceptional skills and dedication but we can also provide you with a professional reference subject to your performance and help put you in contact with the best and most suitable ski schools around Europe, Canada, the US and New Zealand.