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  *   EXPERIENCED PROS: We are owned and run entirely by internationally qualified and highly experienced ski and snowboard pros. Our Head Coach, Alan Garcia, sponsored by 3Ryde, has been a qualified full time pro since January 2001.

  *  EXCEPTIONAL PASS RATE: Since 2005 – Over 18 winter seasons- our pass rate has never dropped below 95% for all exams taken by people training with us on our 10 week or longer courses with full attendance. We train towards all the major recognised bodies (EAPSI, CASI, BASI, CSIA, NZSIA, SBINZ) and have experience in most of the globally recognised systems (including the European, French, Austrian, British, Italian, Polish, Canadian, Slovakian, US, New Zealand, Australian and Swiss National systems)

  *  THE MOST FUN: We have more FUN than can possibly be imagined. We train hard and well but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Train hard, play harder- ALL the time 😉 Check out our videos and photos on our gallery and on our Facebook page to glimpse what you could be doing this season.

*  PERFECT FOR YOU: We train ANYONE of any experience level. We have the results too. So far more than 70 people have trained with us to pass their official ski instructor exams on just our 10 week course! We now even have a growing list of past trainees who have started their own ski holiday companies around the world and many more working as professional ski instructors for reputable ski schools. We cut out all the nonsense to just get to the point and help YOU be as good as you can be as quickly and effectively as possible. If you want to be pushed, we’ll push you. If you want to chill, have fun, sit back and be like Bob Marley, no worries. Tell us what your goals are and we’ll make them happen together.

Our prices are far lower than every other instructor course out there for a number of reasons:

  1. PASSIONATE PROS: We are not greedy and genuinely LOVE training up new ski and snowboard pros so much that we’d happily do it for free forever.
  2. QUALITY CHALETS: We have access to fantastic chalets with all mod cons in the heart of the world class ski resort, Zakopane.
  3. OUR OWN TRAVEL COMPANY: We also own our own international, licensed tour operator: so we get the best rates in town for everything from transport to lift passes and ski and snowboard gear.
  4. POLAND IS THE BEST VALUE: We’re based in Poland which is VERY good value for everything from eating out in quality restaurants to drinks in classy, modern clubs.

Ski Instructor Trainee Testimonials:

“Best season ever, we don’t want to leave =( Sunshine World  Pikachu” Sarah “Pikachu” Redd, CSIA Ski Instructor.

“Thanks for such an awesome time this season, Take care and Big Love, Rob xxx” Rob Minks, CSIA Ski Instructor.

Check out more testimonials here

Welcome to Sunshine World and congratulations on finding the best value professional, all inclusive and fully customisable, ski instructor training courses in Europe!

As our training take place in Zakopane, Poland’s winter capital we can ensure that you receive the very highest level of service and quality of training while the polish prices ensure you don’t have to break the bank in order to fulfill your dream of becoming a fully qualified, professional ski instructor.

The Slopes in Zakopane, even if less extensive, are arguably as good as anything in the world.

Our Ski Instructor training courses have been carefully designed by our own experienced fully qualified (with EAPSI, CSIA, CASI and BASI), British and EU National Instructors. Indeed our company is entirely owned and run by professional, qualified, ski instructors.

Joseph Marples, rides the off piste with style after just 5 days skiing in his entire life! It’s not all down to Sunshine World’s training- he is a natural so don’t feel bad if you don’t progress quite as fast as him 🙂

To be honest whatever I try to put into words to explain how unbelievable The Sunshine World Experience is, it just won’t do it justice…it is literally that good!

I had pretty high expectations before I came here anyway having had lots of discussions with the supremo of Sunshine World Alan Garcia, but I could never have imagined that it would far exceed them. I came to Poland for a 10 week course with the Sunshine World Academy Team training to be a fully qualified Ski Instructor, where I would be taking my exams in my last weeks of the course. Arriving somewhere new and meeting people for the first time is always slightly daunting and uncomfortable, but never before have I experienced the sensational atmosphere within such a large group of people. All the Pro Team and Academy which adds up to around 25 people in total share together a large chalet in a beautiful part of Zakopane, and within minutes of my arrival I had been greeted over enthusiastically by everyone and then invited out for a drink at the local bar. Already after only being here for a day I felt part of the team, and in the following days the bonds grew making it seem as if I had known these guys all my life!

Having only ever done 6 hours of skiing before I arrived on the team it was fair to say I was a very inexperienced Beginner, but this didn’t seem to faze or worry Alan and the Pro team at all and it was soon clear why. Alan and the Pro Team are such committed individuals to helping the Academy students improve and learn it’s truly amazing, and getting to shadow and watch them work is just inspirational. Within a week of arriving I was comfortably going down red runs and getting down the Black runs without too much difficulty while being taught some really advanced techniques such as carving, pole planting and short radius heel turns. For me this was just unbelievable, I could have never imagined in my wildest dream I would have progressed so quickly. And the only explanation I can give is because of Sunshine World and its superb work ethos, ethic and attitude…plus the fact that fact everyone on the team especially Alan are just the coolest most awesome dudes you will ever meet.

Joseph Marples CSIA and EAPSI qualified Ski Instructor


Sunshine World Academy. End of season celebrating passing their ski and snowboard exams in Andorra.

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